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Traveling, the healthy way

With the holiday season upon us, we will be offered lots of ‘treats’, that are likely not in our usual diet, this is especially true if you are traveling. Don’t panic; it’s all about balance. Whether you’re on the plane or at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, do your best with what you’re offered, then don’t stress. However, it’s important to travel prepared with healthy snacks that keep you satiated so you are less likely to reach for the cookie tray.

Here are our top five tips to staying healthy while traveling:

1. Make your own trail mix. Buy raw nuts and dehydrated fruit that has no added sugar and mix them in ready-to-eat bags to snack on throughout the day.  You can even throw in some dark chocolate pieces ( I like Enjoy Life brand the best) to make it more exciting.

2. Bring plenty of fruits and veggies as finger foods for snacks. Again, do lots of food prep before your road round or plane ride to avoid the pretzels and peanuts. Our favorite thing to pack is carrots with hummus (you can get mini sizes of hummus) or bananas with almond butter.

3. Pack individual protein powder packs and a blender bottle. If you’re stuck on a long trip, packing some protein powders or meal replacement powders, might be a smart move. This can not only be a mid-day snack, but also a light breakfast, so you’re not as tempted by the pastries at the continental breakfast.  

4. Stay hydrated! Don’t confuse hunger for thirst, be sure to fill up your water bottle before you get on the plane or go to the party to ensure that you’re not confusing the two. Traveling can be very dehydrating, so the last thing your family needs is a dehydrating liquid to follow it.  Avoid sodas, processed juices and other sugary drinks and keep hydrated with good old fashioned water

5. Choose your snack bars wisely. Avoid things like artificial sweeteners, agave, and brown rice syrup, and look for real, whole ingredients like dates, nuts, and fruit. Look for a bar that has more protein than sugars or carbs to keep you full for longer and to avoid the sugar crash.

Stick to this traveling tips and even if you do enjoy one too many treats, enjoy yourself and remember that you can join the #goodiereset when you get home.

Happy Travels,

The Goodie Squad