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How to Soak Nuts for Optimal Nutrition

If you’re looking for a healthy snack, full of essential fatty acids and protein, nuts are your solution. However, traditional, store-bought nuts are commonly roasted in rancid oils and coated with processed salts and artificial flavoring. When purchasing nuts, look for raw, unsalted nuts to preserve the beneficial enzymes that help you digest them. In addition to choosing raw nuts, be sure that they are organic to avoid the nuts that have been pasteurized with PPO, a potential carcinogen.

To get the full benefits of nuts, we recommend soaking nuts overnight. To successfully prepare your nuts, cover the nuts in warm water with 1 TBS sea salt and leave overnight. Soaking the nuts with salt will degrade the phytates and other compounds that prevent absorption of the nutrients.

After soaking, roast at a low temperature or dehydrate, to add the crunch back to the nuts. Rinse the nuts from the soaking water, pat dry and spread on a cookie sheet or dehydrator tray. Season with sea salt or other spices of your choice (cayenne, ginger, cinnamon) to add an extra kick of flavor or leave them plain. Keep the oven below 118F for optimal enzymatic capacity. Your finished product will be a crispy, delicious nut with highly bioavailable nutrient density.

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