Goodie Mission

When people are at their best, the world is a juicier place. A healthy lifestyle starts with healthy eating, but almost half of American’s don’t receive their nutritionally required amount of fruits and vegetables. We at Goodie want to change that. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to improve people’s lives through convenient delivery of healthy eating habits.

What Being Goodie Means

Organic and Local Farms

We source all of our produce from local farms to not only ensure that every juicy fruit and every leafy vegetable are 100% organic.

Sustainable Packaging

We are always looking to improve and innovate with our packaging and reducing our footprint with sustainable and re-usable ideas.

Environmental Delivery

We are active in the communities we serve partnering with local organizations who help us share the goodie love.

The Team

Our team of nutritional experts has a combined 30 years in the health and nutrition fields. (We don’t look a day over 25 though). We believe that the healthiest of nutrients comes directly from the ground, not pulled off a shelf. But most importantly, we’re just like you. We strive to anchor our lives with healthy eating habits to make the most of ourselves.

1 Box = 1 Meal

When your weekly box arrives so does a meal for someone in need. Our commitment to the LA Food Bank means for every Goodie Box that goes out into the world, we also deliver a meal via the LA Food Bank.

We believe in putting the ‘goodie’ in everything we do so that everyone can benefit so we are proud to to be a part of fighting hunger in Los Angeles county.

The LA Food Bank collects, organizes and delivers meals around Los Angeles to fight hunger in soup kitchens, schools, senior centers and other organizations.


Come Say Hi

We’re around the corner in sunny Santa Monica, California. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, come see where Goodie is grown.



3110 Main St.
Santa Monica, CA 90405