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Each smoothie box is designed by a nutritionist to help you achieve your health goals.

Natural Energy

These smoothies will give you the proper balance and natural energy to keep you going long past your next meal.

  • Boosts your natural energy
  • Rehydrates your body
  • Jumpstarts your metabolism

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Includes 10 smoothie servings and 5 recipes

Cleanse & Detox

These cleansing smoothies will help you look and feel new again! Improve your metabolism, detox your body, and boost your energy.

  • Resets your health
  • Eliminates body toxins
  • Supports weight loss

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Includes 10 smoothie servings and 5 recipes

These smoothies give your muscles and body everything they need to rebuild and recover after a tough workout.

  • Builds and repairs muscles
  • Recovers and rehydrates your body
  • See better results for lasting, natural gains

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Includes 10 smoothie servings and 5 recipes

Skip The Frozen, Go For Fresh


  • Not usually organic, local, or seasonal. Definitely not fresh!
  • Minimizes nutrients and kills enzymes when frozen and blanched.
  • Sits in warehouses and filled with preservatives to prolong shelf life.

Fresh Goodie Smoothies

  • Local, seasonal freshly picked produce at peak ripeness.
  • Most nutritious when freshly blended, compared to frozen or processed ingredients.
  • Shipped directly to you to for maximum freshness and health benefits.

When You Goodie,
You Do Good.

When your weekly Goodie Box arrives, so does a meal for someone in need.

Goodie works with the LA Food Bank to provide families in need with nutrition. So while you’re enjoying your delicious smoothies, feel good knowing that you’re feeding a hungry family!

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